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überlube 3.69ml vial


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Überlube offers long-lasting performance while in use, then quickly dissipates without leaving a sticky residue and even works under water, making it great for fun in pools, lakes, and tubs.    

A small amount of Überlube can be applied anywhere to prevent daily chafing, not just when exercising.

Überlube’s simple ingredient list makes it widely used by people with sensitivities to other lubricants and is body-friendly—free of parabens, preservatives, and petrochemicals. 

Überlube is latex-compatible, so it’s safe and effective to use with condoms.

The formula will not stain clothing or bedding—any spills can be easily cleaned with detergent and water. 

Small-batch produced, tested, and bottled in Chicago, Illinois

3.69ml glass vial with screw top