5 Year Anniversary Collection Snug Plug 4 Weighted Silicone Plug Set


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We're proud to have been snuggly with so many booties in the past 5 years, and the indisputable champion among our experienced pluggers has been the Snug Plug 4. Weighing 257 grams for a delightful fullness that adds pressure stimulation, the Snug Plug 4 fits comfortably and remains discreet for wearing in any situation. It's also the perfect starting point for those adventuring into advanced anal territory.

We've created this limited edition sparkly sunburst color to commemorate the Snug Plug's years of dedication to the derrière.

Weighted Butt Plug


Dimensions: Insertable Length - 5.2" 

1.7" widest diameter 

Neck Diameter  .4"

Weight 257g

One Year Warranty